Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Two dogs...

Two of my favorite pooches in the L.A. area can be found at the Huntington. It was love at first sight for me with these two regal guardians. You can just read the love and obedience that they embody.

Sorry, but no dogs allowed at the Gaylord. We do allow critters of the feline nature, though, with an additional pet deposit. To get my fix of canine companionship, I go to the Huntington to visit these two. OR, I go by the dog park at the Silverlake Reservoir and watch the dogs romp & play there. Always a delight! Having had 2 English Bulldogs in the past, I am very much the dog person and appreciate the joy they can bring to one's life.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Opening up...

... in April, a Single unit on the 2nd floor at 550 sq ft for $1050/mo. This is an east facing unit with a full kitchen & dining area. Good closets.
...also in April, *****RENTED*****a One Bedroom unit on the 7th floor at 1100 sq ft for $1650/mo. North, south & west facing views from the 'HOLLYWOOD' sign to Catalina Island. Concrete floors, large closets.*****RENTED*****
These won't last long!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Flavors of the Yucatan...

A recent dinner outing had me over in Pasadena, where a friend introduced me to El Portal. A wonderful Mexican restaurant representing the foods of the Yucatan region. On this evening, I chose the Poc-Chuc (got to have my pork!) which is thin slices of pork served with a chutney of tomatoes, onions & cilantro and grilled with a touch of garlic. I will definitely go back for this dish again. El Portal is located at 695 E. Green St at S. Oak Knoll, in Pasadena.

Earlier, I went by the Huntington to view the John Frame exhibit AGAIN and am still walking away with much emotion from this exhibit.

Tonight, off to Paco's Tacos (this is a regular for me), out by the airport, for their chicken milanesa. The best! And you will not find a better flour tortilla in L.A., so light and airy and full of flavor. Located at 6212 W. Manchester Ave, between Sepulveda & La Tijera.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gaylord Glimpses from March 1928...

News in the March 1928 issue of Gaylord Glimpses.

Page 6, Photo of James Quirk, Gaylord resident, editor of Photoplay magazine and husband of actress, May Allison. May starred in almost 60 films between 1915-27.
Page 7, Announcement for the arrival of the Quirks to the Gaylord from their New York home.
Also, actress & Gaylord resident, Dorothy Mackaill, entertaining with an 'unusually delightful tea.' Dorothy starred in 68 films, playing roles opposite Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. in 1928's, 'The Barker' and Humphrey Bogart in 1932's, 'Love Affair.' She was married to film director Lothar Mendes.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Friday Night Out...

This past Friday evening, I attended the Los Angeles Philharmonic ( and took our lovely, Coco, with me. Finally, I got to see Gustavo Dudamel conduct! The program included a Beethoven and a Mozart piece and watching Dudamel conduct was a pleasure. He certainly brings personality to the podium, or as the ads plastered on the buses & banners around the city state, 'PASION!' It is difficult to get tickets for the nights Gustavo conducts, but if you get the chance, GO! He is our vibrant, young, new addition to our City of Angels.

The evening started at 6, with a delicious dinner at Dusty's (, in Silverlake on Sunset Blvd, then on to the 'Casual Friday' symphony in the beautiful Walt Disney Concert Hall and afterwards, stopping off at Lamill Coffee Boutique (, in Silverlake on Silver Lake Blvd, for a tasty cup of coffee to end the night. Having Coco home promptly at 11ish.

Being a proper gentleman myself, my only problem was with 'Casual Friday' symphony night. I do not care to see the orchestra members dressed in jeans & t-shirts while performing. They should be formally dressed! And with you all (Gaylord residents) knowing me, I prefer to see the crowd a little more dressed up too! C'mon people, it's a Friday night out! When there are so few functions left to get dressed up for in these contemporary times, has society gotten that lazy that they can not put a little effort into presenting oneself in a somewhat formal way? Bring with you a notion of specialness to the event! I will stop here with the social commentary. All in all, though, it was a glorious night out.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Getting the 'o' back for the weekend...

The 'o' in the west facing Gaylord neon will be back to life tonight. Once again our shining beacon will fully light our way home.

At This Time...

*****SORRY, JUST RENTED***** There is only ONE unit available that is MOVE-IN READY. Do not wait if you are interested in living at the Gaylord. Recently, there has been a flurry of activity with new residents snatching up the last available units. This unit is a Single, located on the 12th floor, facing east at 550 sq ft., for $1150/mo. Bright, spacious, good closets, 9 ft ceilings, concrete floors, full kitchen with dining area. Do not miss out on this opportunity if you are looking to live at the historic Gaylord.*****RENTED, 5:00 P.M.*****

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some Good Juicy Bits from Gaylord Glimpses, March 1927...

In this issue of the Gaylord Glimpses from March 1927,
Page 6; photo of esteemed film director (162 titles between 1913-57), Robert Z. Leonard. Gaylord resident, Leonard, was nominated twice in the Best Director category at the Academy Awards. His film, 'The Great Ziegfeld' won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1936. He was also married to Gaylord resident & actress, Gertrude Olmstead. Olmstead starred in 58 films between 1920-29. She starred opposite Rudolph Valentino in the film 'Cobra', from 1925.
Page 12-13; unfortunately, her face is split down the middle of the seam (I am sure she would have thrown a fit about it when the issue came out!), but beautiful Gaylord resident, Flobelle Fairbanks is pictured. Flobelle, also went by the name, Florence Fair and was featured in 33 films between 1918-46. She was the niece of Douglas Fairbanks and starred opposite Gloria Swanson in 'The Love of Sunya' in 1927.
Page 16; mention of Mrs. M.L. Talmadge (Peg), mother of our illustrious resident & actress, Constance Talmadge and her 2 acting sisters, Norma & Natalie, leaving for New York for a short period.
Page 18; Marcel de Sano, writer, director (15 titles) & Gaylord resident, is noted for leaving on a trip to New York with Samuel Goldwyn & Joseph Schenck to discuss their next film project. Mr. de Sano was linked romantically for a short while to fellow Gaylord resident & actress, Arlette Marchal, whom is mentioned on page 19 as having just arrived to the Gaylord, from Paris. Arlette was featured in the 1927 Best Picture film, 'Wings.' Marcel met a untimely death by suicide in 1936, at 38 years of age, after being engaged to actress, Jeanette MacDonald.
Page 19; after Rudolph Valentino's (film star, heart throb of the day) death in August 1926, his brother, Mr. A.G. Valentino is mentioned arriving at the Gaylord to stay while settling Rudolph's estate.
There is also an amusing ad on page 19 from the Gaylord Beauty Shop about it's 'HAIR-A-GAIN SHAMPOO TREATMENT!'