Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Facade, Yet Approachable...

The Gaylord facade, pictured here in 1925. Photo was found in the Los Angeles Public Library.

Still AVAILABLE folks and this will be for a November 25th move-in date;

***RENTED***- One Bedroom unit, 10th floor, 820 sq ft, south/east corner unit, $1875/month.***RENTED***

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Bygone Era...

Back when TWA and the 'colorful gardens of the Ambassador Hotel' existed. This image was a part of one of the early (judging by the automobiles, most likely the 1930's) original brochures touting the features of the Gaylord, 'On high ground...'

Notice the palm trees on the right (east) side of the Gaylord. They are still standing and much taller today, with the top palm fronds reaching the heights between the 6th & 7th floors.

The aerial view (lower right) was provided by TWA, with the Gaylord highlighted within the photo (lower left corner).

Monday, September 19, 2016

A Different Perspective...

The Gaylord, as viewed from the RFK Community Schools campus.

Coming AVAILABLE for an October move-in date;

- One Bedroom unit, 10th floor, 820 sq ft, south/east corner unit, $1875/month.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

All the Single Ladies...

... or men. Coming AVAILABLE for an Oct. 1st move-in date;

***RENTED***- Single unit, 5th floor, 550 sq ft, east facing, $1275/month.***RENTED***

(Pictured above, our beautiful Jenny, who is very much NOT one of the 'Single Ladies' available, but how could you not use such a perfect photo? Photo courtesy of jasonkamimuraphotography.com .)

Friday, September 2, 2016

Flags, Animals & Weekend Doings...

What are you up to this Labor Day holiday weekend? Are you looking to take a relaxing day jaunt somewhere, but not quite sure where... How about a trip north to Lompoc, to visit the historic La Purisima Mission, which is now part of the California State Park system. This is an approximate 2- 3 hour drive that will take you down some beautiful, pastoral back country roads.

The top two photos are interior altar shots from the two churches on the property. Then you have the exterior arcade that runs alongside one church, the facility rooms & apartments that would have been used & housed those living there, at the time when it was in service in the 19th century. Photo above, is an original wood marker located in their cemetery.
As the husband & I left the mission, to drive back south for dinner in Santa Barbara, we passed this scene, below, of the red, white & blue, proudly flying with a small herd of cattle taking it easy on a grassy knoll.
If you are so inclined to do something more local in Los Angeles, a stop by the Thien Hau Temple, down in Chinatown, may soothe your soul. This is a beautifully ornate & colorful Buddhist temple, as seen by the stone work alone for the entry to the building, pictured below.

We are quite the adventurous duo, who depart the Gaylord on the weekends to explore our many intriguing environs. Both of these day trips, which I now realize afterwards, seemed as if some kind of spiritual, religious, what have you retreat, we did this past weekend. We had hit up La Purisima on Saturday and then the Buddhist temple on Sunday.
Whatever your plans for this Labor Day holiday weekend, get out there and enjoy the many options that come with living in Southern California & Los Angeles. Or just kick back and have a brewski & some bbq. Happy Labor Day!
Above, the Gaylord's rooftop stars & stripes along with our neighborhood red-tailed hawk sitting atop our 'd,' this morning.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Mother Calling...

The matriarch, Susan Wilshire, mother to Henry Gaylord Wilshire, the man our happy Gaylord home is named after, as well as our Boulevard, lived in this home back in the day. You will find this stately 1910 Colonial Revival over in the West Adams district of Los Angeles, not far from USC, at 2501 4th Avenue, at the corner of 25th Street. Today, the home is a rental property. If ever in the neighborhood, stop by and pay your respects to 'mother.'