Friday, February 28, 2014

1924 Open Reception...

'The largest and most pretentious in the country' the Los Angeles Times declared in this April 9, 1924 article on the opening of 'The Gaylord, the newest apartment-house in Los Angeles.'

There is just one item in the article that I am trying to figure out, 'the billiard-room in the basement.' I know where the commissary, linen room, kitchen, barber shop, beauty salon and servants' quarters were all located in the basement, but it is the billiard-room that is a mystery. Is there a secret chamber somewhere that has been sealed over or was this room just a part of a sales pitch? All of the rooms seem to be accounted for in the basement. This may be one of those few details that gets lost in the passing of time.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Just Look at that Beauty...

When the Gaylord opened in 1924 it was the tallest building in Los Angeles. And with it's broad shoulders and 192 units no wonder it continues to support a full house (and this without parking! It's that old Gaylord allure & mystique.). At this time, we have no notices in for upcoming available units. Keep an eye out on this Blog for availability and maybe a residence will open up for the month of April and you too will find the comfort & joy of living in the historic Gaylord.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Here's What We Have...

These units will be AVAILABLE for a late-March move-in,

***RENTED***Single, 10th floor, 670 sq ft, western exposure, $1275/mo.***RENTED***

***RENTED***Single, 5th floor, 550 sq ft, eastern exposure, $1100/mo.***RENTED***

***RENTED***Bachelor, 7th floor, 380 sq ft, southern exposure, $800/mo.***RENTED***

***RENTED***Bachelor, 3rd floor, 460 sq ft, southern exposure, $825/mo.***RENTED***

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Back in the Day...

Above, is the advertisement that appeared in the Los Angeles Times on April 9, 1924, the grand opening day of the Gaylord. (Yes, that means the Gaylord will be celebrating 90 years this April!) When the Gaylord first opened you could have purchased your apartment. The Gaylord being the first co-op style building in Los Angeles. After a few years, the co-op disbanded and the Gaylord became long term residence hotel apartments with a distinguished and creative cast of tenants.
Another interesting fun fact on the Gaylord, according to City Councilman Tom LaBonge, the Gaylord was the first in Los Angeles with a rooftop neon sign!