Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sunset Views...

Another gorgeous sunset view from the Gaylord looking west down Wilshire Boulevard. Thank you to the delightful tenants of unit #1207 for sharing their moment. Many more amazing views, such as this one, may be had now from several of the available units here at the Gaylord. To see listings of available Gaylord units, please scroll through the Blog and look at older posts with unit sizes & rents posted. See something you like, do not hesitate to move on it!

Monday, January 28, 2013



-One Bedroom, 10th floor, 720 sq ft, $1600/mo.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Finders Fee...

April of last year, I made mention on the Blog of Mr. Oscar B. Bach who was featured in the April 1926 issue of 'Gaylord Glimpses' while staying here at the Gaylord with his wife, from New York. Oscar Bach is the artist who designed much of the metal work in the Gaylord. Pictured above left is the original fountain from our Fountain Room, which is now the HMS Bounty kitchen & back dining room and above right are the intricately designed gates that led from the Fountain Room into the Gaylord Lounge, now the EyeMax optometry store. In both the fountain and framework on the gates you will find the same heart pattern motif. If anyone out there ever comes across these treasured items, the Gaylord would surely be beyond grateful to have them returned.

You may also go to oscarbach.org to see more of Mr. Bach's beautiful work in many significant architectural wonders. Quite a few of the images the friends of Oscar Bach now have posted on the website, for the Gaylord, I had provided to them from our own archives when we were corresponding last April.

Today, you can still see some of Bach's magnificent works hanging from our lobby ceiling. For the chandeliers are his designs.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Pot... Luck... Anyone?...

For & by the Gaylord tenants.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Restoration Complete...

The transformation in the back is complete! Above you see photos of the demolition in progress and the results of the restoration. Some of the beautiful original details from 1924 have been brought back to life. What a difference the change makes for the visual eye. Now while you enjoy the pool area during the Spring, Summer & Autumn months you will be able to appreciate more the reason why you choose to live at the Gaylord. Thank you to Tracy McCormick Design Build for the work on this project.

How About a Bachelor...

Coming Available:

***RENTED***-Bachelor, 14th floor, 330 sq ft, $800/mo.***RENTED***

***RENTED***-Bachelor, 8th floor, 410 sq ft, $820/mo.***RENTED***

Grand Opulence...


***RENTED***-Two Bed/Two Bath unit, 6th floor, 1380 sq ft, $2450/mo.***RENTED***

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Yet Another Hummingbird Tale...

After this week started off in a suck-y & seemingly overwhelming negative way the first 2 days, I was about to quickly shoot off an email to Lana, asking her what was up with the planetary line-up!?! because bad energy was apparently abounding with everything off kilter & out of whack. Our adoring tenant, Lana, would be aware of this energy since she is the 'great & interplanetary one.' She may state that she is traveling east to Florida & New York or points beyond the pond, but I do believe she is actually visiting amongst the planets of our solar system and further out. On a journey of soul searching and searching for her truth and searching for beauty to enlighten her life.

But I digress from where this posting was to head. Yesterday, while on my lunch & briefly taking in a few moments to sit on the balcony and absorb some rays from the sun, I was once again visited upon by a hummingbird. And this was a magical meeting. He first sat down only inches away to the left of my foot, looking up at me intently with his right eye and communicating some sense of connection between us through that eye. After a minute or so, he turned his head and exposed the fact that this sweet, delicate creature had no left eye. Now, this hummingbird seemed quite plump, its' long beak having seen better days and he looking to be up there in age. He continued to sit there, then flitted up and sat to the right of my foot. Again, communicating some greater story to me with that right eye, as if saying, 'all is right. Just look at me. I am able to get along as I am and live a bountiful & blessed life.'

A hummingbird is one of those creatures in our world that makes you ponder the wondrous beauty, with its mechanics, iridescence and ever curiosity of this winged being. We are a part of this and get to exist with such treasures. And with this hummingbird, seeming to be up there in age, I wonder if he was trying to further connect with the world around him through our visit, before moving on. All I could say in return to him was hello beautiful & it's alright. He finally flew off to go sit in the neighboring tree. Though the visit lasted only a couple of minutes, the meeting seemed immeasurable.

The silly illustration on this post is one of my own, from an exhibit I had of over 30 sketches a few years back. For more hummingbird art, you should arrange a visit with my good neighbor Martha, in her studio. Martha, 'The Lady of the Hummingbirds,' if you will, has used the image in her own work as well. Martha, who continues to give the good fight in bringing her gifts of creativity & joy to the world is a much appreciated neighbor & friend.

Having commented on the hummingbirds of the Gaylord in the past, this is all for this commentary. All due to one magical, blessed event.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

In Need of a One Bedroom...


-One Bedroom, 6th floor, 740 sq ft, $1550/mo.

***RENTED***-One Bedroom, 7th floor, 720 sq ft, $1560/mo.***RENTED***

***APPLICATION IN***-One Bedroom, 14th floor, 820 sq ft, $1700/mo.***APPLICATION IN***

***RENTED***-One Bedroom, 14th floor, 1050 sq ft, $2000/mo.***RENTED***

Friday, January 4, 2013

How Was Your New Year's Holiday?

It was a beautiful winter wonderland in the foothills (if you can call the 5,000 foot level a foothill?) of the Sequoia National Forest. This is only a 2 to 2.5 hour drive out of L.A., folks. We had to turn around and head back down the road once the truck started slipping & sliding on the ice, but it was a great adventure and we returned home to the warm, sunny skies of L.A., at the Gaylord.

May you all have a fruitful new year!