Wednesday, October 30, 2013

In Honor of the Upcoming Veterans Day...

Gaylord resident, Drew Lucas, is coordinating an event for Wednesday, November 6th, beginning at 12:30pm, on the Main Quad of Los Angeles City College, located at 855 N. Vermont Avenue, to honor and help empower those veterans at LACC. If you can, stop on by and lend your support to this important cause. The focus will be on the veterans re-entry into civilian life with a brief history of Veterans Day and to promote the Wounded Warriors Project, which helps with alternative techniques & outlets for mental wellness in dealing with PTSD & TBI and to raise awareness of suicide rates amongst veterans and the challenges they may face in school.

And remember, Veterans Day is honored on Monday, Nov. 11th. Take a moment to reflect.

10/31/13, Addendum; to help you put Veterans Day in perspective you may want to to read the story that was posted today at this link,  .

Thank you all who serve.

Update on Vacancies...

The photo above is from Charlie Chaplin's 1931 film 'City Lights.' Charlie Chaplin is the one driving the car. This shot is looking west on Wilshire Blvd from the corner of Berendo and the Gaylord is there in the background, to the right, clear as day. (Thanks for the still, Craig!)

AVAILABLE units are...

For Now;

***RENTED***-Single, 12th floor, 670 sq ft west facing unit, $1350/mo.***RENTED***
***RENTED***-One Bedroom, 8th floor, 820 sq ft south/east corner unit, $1680/mo.***RENTED***

For Late November/Early December;

***RENTED***-Single, 14th floor, 550 sq ft east facing unit, $1250/mo.***RENTED***

-One Bedroom, 5th floor, 740 sq ft north/west corner unit, $1550/mo.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Color of Another Kind...

You don't have to travel to New York to see a different flavor of color. Pictured is some of the wall art you will find while roaming the streets of the Arts District in downtown L.A. These shots were taken this past weekend and there is plenty more. You will also find such work on the streets around Gallery Row and both areas are full of restaurants for you to stop in to fill up so you may continue with your walking tour.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Autumn in New York...

Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh, the autumn colors of fall foliage in New York's Hudson River Valley can not be beat! This is where I grew up so it is in my blood. The third or fourth week of October is always a great time to visit when the colors are at their peak and I highly recommend the trip. The photo on top was taken from the Vanderbilt Estate, overlooking the Hudson River, in Hyde Park.

And, it was still apple picking time! Soon the fruit will be dropping off the trees. The photo, above, was taken on the Boscobel Estate in Garrison. Great fruit I tell you!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Oh No, Scandal at the Gaylord...

abc's 'Scandal' returned to the Gaylord, yesterday, to film another scene with the lovely Kerry Washington as 'Olivia Pope.' Look for an upcoming episode with an exterior shot of the Gaylord as '514 Barrington Court Apartments, Washington, D.C.' and Ms. Washington's character with a homeless person. Remember, the final riveting scene of last season took place at the Gaylord.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Coming in November...

Pictured are some of our esteemed gentleman tenants from April 1925. You too, could be as esteemed, by becoming a Gaylord tenant.

Coming AVAILABLE in November:

-One Bedroom on the 8th floor at 820 sq ft, south/east corner unit, $1680/mo.

-One Bedroom on the 5th floor at 740 sq ft, north/west corner unit, $1550/mo.
***RENTED***-Single on the 2nd floor at 670 sq ft, west facing, overlooking the pool & patio, $1225/mo.***RENTED***

The office will be CLOSED next week for vacation. If you are interested in any of these 3 units, you have until 5pm, this Friday, Oct 18th to get in on it. Otherwise, the office will re-open on Monday, Oct 28th.

Friday, October 11, 2013

New Flavor on the Block...

Just opened on our block, next to EyeMax Optometry, is Boos Philly Cheesesteaks. I gave it a try last night, after several Gaylord residents went for lunch and were pleased with what they had. I went with the Boos Mushroom Steak. It was good and let me tell you, it is just like they like it in Philly, the flavors are rich & full, so you die-hard healthy, southern californians may want to balance it off with a plate of sprouts afterwards. It is finally nice to have a new food option nearby and very reasonably priced. Give it a try!