Friday, June 28, 2013

Gaylord Event This Saturday...

Comedy & Music, TOMORROW, poolside, from 7-10pm. Resident, Carl and his minions present their show! It will be a warm evening, so come on out and enjoy the show and forget about the heat for a bit. See you there.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Our distinguished tenant, Kevin, has finally had his food book, 'Saving the Season' published by Knopf! The book was released yesterday. I had pre-ordered mine through and am patiently awaiting its arrival and looking forward to trying some of his recipes and reading the stories of his adventures. Get yours!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More Gaylord Treasures...

You never know what you will find behind the walls of the Gaylord when working on maintenance issues. Pictured is another section of the original crown mouldings that were part of the sumptuous Gaylord lobby. This bit is hidden behind the walls in the EyeMax optometry store. Those were the days!!!!

Downtown Freebies...

Ladies & Gentlemen and children of all ages, last Friday evening, Grand Performances began their Summer series of live, cultural events at California Plaza, downtown on Grand Ave. Music, dance and more are featured and all is FREE! Check out the schedule of events on their website at and take yourself for an evening of world culture.

Monday, June 24, 2013

KCET story on the Gaylord...

A BIG THANK YOU, to Hadley Meares, for the wonderful article she wrote on Henry Gaylord Wilshire and the Gaylord apartments, posted on the KCET facebook page. We did not know we had such an 'angel' in our midst. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Find it at .

and Then There Were These Four...

It does not get much better than this! During the CICLAVIA event, there were these four boys ('The Wilshire Crew'), all under the age of 5, checking out each others' Razor scooters. What a day!

Wilshire Blvd Event...

I wasn't quite sure of what to expect with CICLAVIA overtaking Wilshire Boulevard, yesterday. With the 'Boulevard' closed to automobile traffic, the street wash awash in a sea of bicycles of every shape, size, design & color and a steady flow of pedestrians. The noise of automobile traffic was pleasantly gone. No drivers plowing into the car or truck in front of them because they are not paying attention to the road, since they are either on their cell phone talking or texting (this is a weekly occurrence in front of the Gaylord and I am sure elsewhere on the 'Boulevard'). On this Sunday, June 23rd, 2013, everyone was just happy & friendly and enjoying the sights and openness of the 'Boulevard.' You could breathe! And in front of our lovely home here at the Gaylord, bicycles were chained up to every tree, sign post & bike rack, several deep, as the cyclists stopped to enjoy a cocktail & a bite to eat in the HMS Bounty (one of our longstanding tenants). Also nice to see, was the number of L.A. residents who for the first time discovered the Robert F. Kennedy Community Park, located directly across the street from the Gaylord. So I say, do this every weekend on the 'Bouleard'! What a wonderful quality of life adjustment it was.

Side note; To those tenants that had their cars towed from Wilshire Blvd on Saturday night, in preparation for CICLAVIA, you need to Read the Postings in the Lobby and the street signs to avoid this costly mistake from happening.  

Friday, June 21, 2013

CICLAVIA This Sunday...

Residents, do not forget this Sunday, June 23rd, between 9am- 4pm, Wilshire Blvd will be closed from Grand Ave (downtown) to Fairfax Ave (Miracle Mile) to all automobile traffic. The Boulevard will only be open to pedestrian & bicycle traffic. Do not park on Wilshire Blvd, starting at 1am on Saturday night (Sunday morning). You will be towed. Please plan accordingly and enjoy the boulevard.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Two Singles Walk Into a Bar...

... the one Single says to the other Single, 'Hey, I'm moving out of the Gaylord, on July 5th, to take a job in another city.' The other Single replies to the one Single, 'No kidding, I'm moving out on July 7th.'

FOLKS, these 2 Single units opening up could be ready for a Friday, July 19th move-in! Don't miss out if you have been waiting.

***RENTED***-Single, 11th floor, north facing, 410 sq ft, $1150/month.***RENTED***
***RENTED***-Single, 10th floor, east facing, 540 sq ft, $1130/month.***RENTED***

Uhm, Thanks LA Film Fest...

... for your great advertising campaign this year!?! Who knew you were taking place? Somehow, I missed that this event had started already for this year! Where were the banners on the street lamp posts & news clips on the evening news? Okay folks, typically, I will try to get out and see a few of these films that participate in this event because it is usually a good venue. And in the past, some of our tenants have participated with their films. Most of the screenings will take place downtown at LALive. There are only a few days left (it ends on Sunday, the 23rd), so check out there website at for the schedule and take yourself!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

On the Antique Trail...

It's been a while since I've posted anything on SoCal adventures and so for those of you interested in the hunt for treasures of the past, be it antique or mid-century modern, there are a couple of places the husband & I have checked out recently worth taking a look at. In Whittier, King Richard's Antique Mall, at 12301 Whittier Blvd, is California's largest antique center (as they claim), located inside an old citrus processing plant with 3 floors full of items. You will find reasonably priced items along with not so reasonable prices, but maybe you will find that special piece that speaks to you that you must have.

The other place we explored was Antique Row in Pomona, on 2nd St at Garey Ave. Unfortunately, this street has faded from the glory of its past with quite a few of the antique shops closed (with antiques still in them!), but there is one still worth checking out. The Antique Mart in the old Kress building is another 3 story structure, chock full of goods. And again, some great prices and other prices that will leave you scratching your head asking 'why.'

Happy hunting!

Monday, June 10, 2013

A Single Just Opened Up & Is Available NOW!...

There is now a Single unit available that an applicant did not follow through on. If you are looking for that unit in the Gaylord, jump on it now! AVAILABLE FOR MOVE-IN TODAY!

***RENTED***- Single, top floor (the 14th!), north facing, incredible views of the 'HOLLYWOOD' sign & Griffith Observatory, 410 sq ft, $1200/month.***RENTED***