Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Diamondback Annie...

After 17 years of residing at the Gaylord, our sweet, petite Ann-Marie has spread her wings to move on to grander environs. She will be greatly missed, but do not worry, she states she will be back to visit all of the many friends she has accrued over the years, here at the Gaylord. And, be sure to catch up with Diamondback Annie at one of her many performances around L.A.... Best wishes to you!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Coming later in March...

***RENTED***AVAILABLE, for the end of March. A Bachelor unit located on the 2nd floor, southern exposure, bright, facing Wilshire Blvd. At 460 sq ft this is a true Bachelor, no kitchen, but a refrigerator is provided in the unit. $750/mo.***RENTED***

Monday, February 20, 2012

Garden walk...

Yesterday, after many years of driving by the signs on the 210 and saying to myself, 'I need to check out Descanso Gardens,' I finally made it. Normally, I take myself to the Huntington Gardens. I was quite pleased with Descanso, located in La Canada Flintridge, near the foot of the mountains. Descanso is less formal (& cheaper to get into, only $8 compared to the $20 entry fee at Huntington) than the Huntington and I enjoyed that aspect. The approach at Descanso is with more California natives (plants), although they have a lovely lilac garden that I need to go back and see & inhale when the lilacs are in full bloom. Presently, all of the camellias are out and blooming and they have a ton of these- all sorts of beautiful varieties. The part I liked best about Descanso were the numerous trails that you can get lost on and feel completely disconnected to the city. This place is worth taking that drive out on the 2 and is quite easy to find.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Pork chops...

Last night, I ordered the pork chop dinner in our HMS Bounty and much to my stomach's delight I received 2 very large & tasty pork chops. Along with fresh broccoli, potatoes & a bit of applesauce. I was thoroughly stuffed & pleased by the end of that meal.

Next order, based on 2 different recommendations, I will be trying the baseball steak dinner. Supposedly the best item on the menu according to these folks. After seeing it be delivered to one table last night in the Bounty, my mouth is salivating, presently, just thinking about that cut of meat. Maybe I will hit that one up this weekend with the fiance.

Support your local HMS Bounty bar & restaurant!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cannibal! The Musical...

In the current issue of LA Weekly (Feb 10-16, 2012), Gaylord resident, Carl reviews 'Cannibal! The Musical' featuring fellow Gaylord resident, Kaela. This production has been running at the Ramon C. Cortines High School's Theatre Arts Academy. Go to page 9, read the review and take a glance of Kaela (pictured center) raising her finger in act-ion.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Who is Stella?

"The Distinction of a Good Address in Los Angeles," is the tagline on the front of this Gaylord postcard... HOW TRUE!

I came across this postcard on ebay and purchased it for our archives, since we don't really have any Gaylord artifacts from the 1930's on hand. There on the corner of Wilshire & Kenmore is a great looking Pan-Gas petroleum station. You will also notice the American flag flies on the east side of the Gaylord, unlike today, where it flies on the south side of the building. This is because there were no other high rises, at the time, obstructing views of the Gaylord from Wilshire Blvd. Notice also the several awnings on the facade of the Gaylord. AND, what about that cloche on the stylish women in the foreground with her long string of pearls!

The greeting on the backside of the postcard, addressed to Ruth McCabe in Denver, CO, reads, 'Wish you would stretch a point and drop me a line- Love Stella, 1/29/30. Who is this Stella that once resided at the Gaylord? I did discover that Ruth McCabe was the Society Editor for the Rocky Mountain News of Denver. Stella, like most of us when a new year arrives, dated the card for the previous year, 1930. But, if you look at the postmark it was actually sent in January of 1931.

The Gaylord still stands as proudly today, though with a bit more of a crowd surrounding him.

Friday, February 10, 2012


Are you ready for another round of comedy? It hits this Sunday evening, the 12th of February at 8pm, in our beautiful lobby. Don't miss the show! (Carl would be very disappointed if you did.)

According to Axell...

Established in 1929, downtown on Alpine Street @ the corner of Figueroa Terrace, the Eastside Market (an Italian deli) is said to serve the best hot pastrami & meatball sandwiches in Los Angeles. This is confirmed by Axell, our Maintenance Supervisor. I may just have to go and check this deli out this weekend to confirm for myself.

Eastside Market Italian Deli, 1013 Alpine St.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sundays at the Market...

... the Hollywood Farmer's Market, that is. This is a great place to go and pick up farm fresh fruits, vegetables & flowers. My fiance & I stopped by their this past Sunday to kill some time. This is a tactile place and you want to pick up everything and hold it in your hands, to feel the earth, absorb the scents & appreciate the colors. Live music is throughout and a sense of community coming together to share in the bounty.

On top of all this, you have one of the best art book stores in L.A. right there! Hennessey & Ingalls is located in the Space 15 Twenty shops. I picked up a great photography book for Valentine's day, for my sweet. A collection of William Eggleston photographs.

The Hollywood Farmer's Market makes its appearance on Sundays, between 8am-1pm. At Ivar & Selma Avenue, between Hollywood & Sunset Blvd.

Monday, February 6, 2012


As of now, the Gaylord is at 100% OCCUPANCY!

If you are looking, keep inquiring, you never know, your station may come up!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Need a Valentine... may just find one roaming about the Gaylord lobby, BUT if you need that special Valentine's card, go see the Laughing Volcano in the promenade studio at the Gaylord, this Tuesday, the 7th, starting at 10am, until Valentine's Day.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Of note...

Don, one of our history buff residents, brought to my attention an event happening at the Central Library, downtown, on Sat, Feb 18th at 2pm. For you movie and/or music aficionados AND the Gaylord resident spirits that participated in front of or behind the camera during the silent film era, you might be interested. Special attention should be given to the 'censored material!' portion of the program.