Tuesday, October 17, 2017

We Got ONE...

We know you've been anxiously waiting and we now have ONE.


***RENTED***- Bachelor unit, 9th floor, 410 sq ft, west facing, $1,000/month.***RENTED***

(photo, above, of the Gaylord from 1936)

Art Abounds in the City of Angels...

This past Sunday, I visited the Santa Fe Art Colony, just southeast of downtown L.A., for their 28th Annual Open Studios, a free event. This artist community is one of the oldest in Los Angeles. There was a wide variety of art mediums to view by the many artists that call this place home. The photo, top, shows the shared studio space of artists Gina Han and Ahmad Morshedi. In the photo you see Ahmad's interesting and intricate figural paper cut outs, which he also does smaller versions of and places in intimate shadow boxes. For more info on the Santa Fe Art Colony, go to their website at santafeartcolony.org. Unfortunately, you missed out on this open house event (unless of course you knew about it and showed up), so plan for next year!


Coming up this weekend, Oct 21st & 22nd, from 11am- 6pm, is the biannual Brewery Artwalk. The Brewery Arts Complex (photo above and located just east of Chinatown) is noted as the world's largest artist colony and this weekend more than 100 artist studios will be open to tour. This is a place to get inspired, buy art and get to know more of L.A. Admission is free! For more info on the Brewery and the Artwalk, visit their website at breweryartwalk.com.

And, photos below, more street art from recent travels downtown with the husband...

Gotta love Dali!

Monday, October 16, 2017

The 'THEATRE'...

Next week, starting on the evening of Tuesday, Oct 24th, our Mary will be appearing in 'The Government Inspector,' at the Cameo Theater, 855 N Vermont Ave. The play will run through Saturday, Oct 28th. For tickets and more info, go to their website at theatreacademy.lacitycollege.edu. Go and see some 'theatre' dahling and show your support for Mary in this production.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Fun History...

Here's a fun photo, from 1927. This was some kind of road race final that ran along Wilshire Boulevard. Directly behind the Wilshire Christian Church tower, right, is our Gaylord. The Gaylord sure has witnessed a lot over the years.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Another Walker & Eisen Gem...

This past Saturday, the mister & I took a short drive over to the City of Industry to visit the Homestead Museum and to our surprise discovered another Walker & Eisen architectural gem, 'La Casa Nueva.' Walker & Eisen are the renowned architects who designed our Gaylord and many of L.A.'s iconic buildings from the 1920's. 'La Casa Nueva' was built sometime between 1919- 1923 or 1922- 1927 (there are differing statements on this construction at the property) and this is the second home sitting on the Homestead Museum property. 'La Casa Nueva' shows some of the same influences that were designed into the Fine Arts Building in downtown Los Angeles, which opened in 1927 and is another Walker & Eisen beauty.
If you get the chance, I highly recommend you pay a visit to the Homestead Museum in the City of Industry. Admission is free and they offer tours. You would never expect to find this out there. For more info, go to their website at, homesteadmuseum.org.

UPDATE, CORRECTION: Paul, the Museum Director of the Homestead Museum, has informed me that 'Walker & Eisen did the measured drawings in 1922 for La Casa Nueva based on rough sketches the Temples (the family that had the home built) did on butcher paper. In 1924, a new architect was hired, Roy Seldon Price,' to complete the project. However, the Temples did hire Walker & Eisen to design many of the commercial buildings they had built in downtown L.A. and surrounding towns. 

Monday, October 2, 2017

Elegance Unmatched...

When the Gaylord opened in 1924, it spared no expense in it's custom made furnishings, rugs, decorative lighting, fireplace, posts & beams, as seen here in this photo from 1924 of the Gaylord Lounge (this space is now occupied by the EyeMax eyeglass store).  Our lobby originally extended through the HMS Bounty all the way over to EyeMax. This attention to detail is what drew the upper echelon of society, from across the country, to come and purchase apartments in the Gaylord, along with Hollywood industry types. By 1930, the Gaylord co-op disbanded (one of the first co-op residences established in Los Angeles).

Thursday, September 28, 2017

It's Flapper Time...

Ladies pull out your flapper frocks & pearls and Gents put on your best linen suits or classic tux... Tomorrow night, Friday, Sept 29th, from 6- 9pm, the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles will be hosting an event in the HMS Bounty. While there, enter into the Gaylord and peruse the memorabilia in the many glass cases throughout our lobby. For more info, go to the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles website at adsla.org or their facebook page.

A big thank you to our gracious Threa for informing us on this fun event!

Before Hitting it BIG...

Returning for her second season, this year, as a featured player on the popular 'Saturday Night Live' television program, will be Melissa Villasenor. Before hitting it big with SNL, Melissa played the Gaylord for our resident comedian, Carl's monthly 'Comedy Pajama Party.' Pictured below is the program from when she appeared in June 2011.
Back in the 1920's, the Gaylord would broadcast live it's own radio program from our lobby on station KHJ, which usually featured the 'Gaylord Trio' with musical performances. Below, the 'Radio Digest' issue from January 17,1925, listing the 'Gaylord Trio' on the program (barely visible, top right corner) for Friday, January 23rd.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


It is all about the perspective in this fantastic shot of our stately Gaylord, from 1946. You are impressed by it's standing along the boulevard. And, just look at that classic woody parked out front!
At the time of it's opening, in 1924, the Gaylord would be the tallest standing structure in the City of Los Angeles.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Native Californian Blueblood Was in our Midst...

You never know who is living amongst us... I recently just came across this intriguing article from the LAWeekly, from March 2016. The photo (above) was shot in our Gaylord lobby. Though rarely seen during her time with us, Lauren kept an apartment here at the Gaylord for 3 1/2 years. You can follow Lauren and her many life adventures on the varied social media outlets and V Magazine had also done a brutally honest story on her in 2015. This may be reason for her online popularity with her no holds barred, no excuses life.
Her great, great, great, great grandfather, Jose Loreto Sepulveda, would be the 2nd Mayor of Los Angeles, under Spanish rule from 1837- 1848. In my previous life before moving into the Gaylord, I would see Lauren's grandmother, Alice O'Neill Avery (L.A. philanthropist) riding in her golf cart, at the Horse Shows I would attend at Rancho Mission Viejo, in San Juan Capistrano.
That Gaylord history continues to be full of surprises!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Pleased to Meet You...

Construction of the Gaylord begins in 1922 (photo above). Look at the size of those steel beams & girders! The horse drawn cart, in front (photo top), reminds us of how far back the Gaylord began. It would not be until April 9, 1924, that the Gaylord officially opened it's doors.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sorry Peeps...

Sorry folks, no available units at this time... Keep checking back!

Pictured above, from our May 1927 issue of 'Gaylord Glimpses' is former Chief of Detectives and Deputy Commissioner for the City of New York and Gaylord residents, George S. Dougherty and his wife. For a couple of years, the Dougherty's would winter with us here at the Gaylord. The Dougherty's were also frequent guests of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author & creator of "Sherlock Holmes,' on their journeys to England.
Mr. Dougherty wrote a number of books and articles on the criminal mind and introduced modern day fingerprinting to the U.S. Knowing how well connected the Gaylord residents were to the motion picture industry, we think he may have been trying to further fulfill his acting bug desires while residing here, after having appeared in a couple of silent pictures, as himself, in 1914, or to become a screenwriter.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Plays With Animals...

Pictured here from our June 1927 issue of  'Gaylord Glimpses' is silent film actress Helen Foster. While residing at the Gaylord during this time, Helen had the enviable (or unenviable, depending on how you look at it) task of playing opposite popular animal stars, such as Ranger the Dog and Rex the Wonder Horse, in a number of films. In 1928, she also starred with fellow Gaylord resident, Gertrude Olmstead, in 'Sweet Sixteen.' Helen's last feature film appearance was in 'Around the World in 80 Days,' from 1956, as an uncredited extra, which starred David Niven, the incomparable Cantinflas and Shirley MacLaine. Helen passed away on Christmas Day, 1982, in Los Angeles, but her spirit lives on here at the Gaylord!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Captains of Industry & Their Wives...

From the September 1927 issue of 'Gaylord Glimpses,' is pictured Mrs. G.J. Kuhrts  (Myra H. Bennett), who was married to George Jacob Kuhrts. While living at the Gaylord, Mr. Kuhrts became the President and General Manager of the Los Angeles Railway Corporation. He took this position upon the death of Henry E. Huntington (of the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens, in San Marino), who had been Owner and President.

Along with the Kuhrts, a familiar name to many southern Californians, Mrs. George A. Ralphs (yes, that Ralphs), was married to the founder of the Ralphs grocery store chain and also kept an apartment here at the Gaylord, during this time, after Mr. Ralphs' passing. Mrs. Ralphs would travel the world, but always return to her home at the Gaylord.

These were just some of the well moneyed people who resided here at the Gaylord. The Gaylord history is full of many more such notables.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Single Unit...

Just came AVAILABLE for a Friday, Sept 8th move-in date;

***RENTED***- Single unit, 2nd floor, 550 sq ft, east facing, $1,350.00/month.***RENTED***

(photo by Dick Whittington Studio, from 1936)

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Film History...

Silent film actress Gertrude Olmstead Leonard was a busy, in demand star having over 60 film credits to her name during her film career in the 1920's. Gertrude lived here at the Gaylord during this time, with her husband, multi-Oscar nominated director Robert Z. Leonard. Here, she is pictured from our August 1926 issue of the 'Gaylord Glimpses.' In 1925, she starred with the magnificent character actor Lon Chaney in 'The Monster.' In 1926, Gertrude starred alongside film icon Greta Garbo in 'Torrent' and had top billing over the Joan Crawford in 'The Boob,' also from 1926. These are just a couple of her stand-out performances.

The Gaylord was the address to live in, at the time and we still continue that spirit today.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Keaton... Buster That Is...

In the 1920's, comedic film genius, Buster Keaton was a frequent visitor to the Gaylord. His sister-in -law, Constance Talmadge, top selling rom-com actress at the time, resided here.

This Saturday, August 26th, at 7:30pm, the American Cinematheque will show 3 of Buster's shorts at the Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. Tickets are $12. Go and enjoy this master of comedy and his delightful work.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Singles in the House...

From our August 1927 issue of the 'Gaylord Glimpses,' here we have famous motion picture actress & Gaylord resident, Miss Dorothy Mackaill. Dorothy starred with Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. in 1928's 'The Barker' and opposite Humphrey Bogart in 1932's 'Love Affair.' Dorothy had quite the film career and was also married to film director, Lothar Mendes, for a short period.

Coming AVAILABLE for mid-September move-in dates;

***RENTED***- Single, 6th floor, 550 sq ft, east facing, $1350/month.***RENTED***

***RENTED***- Single, 11th floor, 550 sq ft, east facing, $1400/month.***RENTED*** 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Local Weekend Event...

Folks, get your cardio in and take a brisk walk down to MacArthur Park this weekend for the KX FESTIVAL. Music, Food & FREE! For more info go to their website at kxfestival.com . Enjoy your weekend.

Friday, August 11, 2017

New Do...

From the February 1928 issue of the 'Gaylord Glimpses,' is this ad for the Gaylord Beauty Shop, located in our building. 'John of New York' was at the ready to style the Gaylord ladies with a new do. How fabulous!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Available for September...

Coming AVAILABLE for September...

***RENTED***- One Bedroom unit, 14th floor (the top!), 820 sq ft, south/east corner unit (views out to Catalina Island), bright, great closets, $2,100.00/month.***RENTED***

Photo above (courtesy of the Los Angeles Public Library) from 1947, looking west on Wilshire Blvd from New Hampshire Ave, with the Gaylord off in the distance, center. Just below the barely visible 'G' of the Gaylord rooftop neon, there on the south/east corner, is this One Bedroom unit. Make it your home and enjoy the warm glow from the green neon.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Next Up...

Folks, we are in the midst of Summer in L.A. and it is time to get out, take advantage and enjoy all of the different free concert series events that take place around the city. A multitude of cross cultural performances are happening.

You have 'Grand Performances' that take place downtown at California Plaza, located at 300 & 350 S. Grand Avenue, near MOCA. For a list of the remaining Summer concerts go to their website at www.grandperformances.org .

Then you have the concert series that takes place in Pershing Square, in the heart of downtown at 532 S. Olive. For more info on their remaining concerts for the Summer go to www.laparks.org/pershingsquare .

And lastly, you can take a stroll down, from the Gaylord, to the Summer concert series taking place in MacArthur Park at the Levitt Pavilion. They have the Boogaloo Assassins coming up in August! For more info on the remaining full line-up go to levittlosangeles.org .

It is time to get out and let the music wash over you. The mothership is calling.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Tasty Treats...

Here we have a couple of vintage colorized versions of the Brown Derby, from back in the day. The Gaylord stands tall, behind on the right, watching over.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


The Gaylord, off in the distance, center, from 1929, taken at the corner of Wilshire & Ardmore and looking east. (photo courtesy the Los Angeles Public Library)


***RENTED***- One Bedroom unit, 8th floor, 820 sq ft, south/east corner unit, $1925/month.***RENTED***


***RENTED***- Single unit, 12th floor, 670 sq ft, west facing, $1585/month.***RENTED***

Friday, July 7, 2017

It's a Boy!...

We are very pleased to give a hearty welcome to Cy, the newest member to the Gaylord community and son to proud & new parents Jessica & Christopher! Congratulations Christopher & Jessica on the birth of your very beautiful, handsome boy on Thursday, June 29th at noon. All look to be in good spirits and we are delighted and look forward to having Cy amidst our community. We wish you all many years of joy.
(illustrations from the January 1928 issue of the Gaylord Glimpses) 

Sunday Performance...

Coming up this Sunday, poolside at the Gaylord, a performance of 'The Resurrection of Care.' This event will take place July 9th, from 5- 7PM. Our Patrick, along with the Golden Dome artists, will present this production of their annual ritualistic play. The play narrates the resurrection of the cremated body of caring, underscoring that life on Earth is worth caring for. Each year they re-instate their vow to care for themselves and all of the people, plants, animals, water, earth, air, and spirits.

Come out and partake in this production. There will be free cake and mugwort tea! Enjoy.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Taking You Higher...

Yesterday morning, during the cooling marine layer, our Lauren found herself in the right place at the right time. She was able to catch 2 of our neighborhood red-tailed hawks in flight at our rooftop Gaylord neon. You can see the 2nd hawk swooping down just below the letter 'o.' The hawks are just a part of that Gaylord magic which makes this place special to live in.
Thanks for the photo Lauren!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Available Units...

You could Eat at the Derby & Buy your Suit at the London Shop, while living at the Gaylord, if you could only step back into time.


***RENTED***- Bachelor unit, 10th floor, 410 sq ft, west facing, overlooking our pool, $995/month, for July 1st.***RENTED***

***RENTED***- One Bedroom unit, 8th floor, 820 sq ft, south/east corner unit, $1925/month, AVAILABLE NOW.***RENTED***

***RENTED***- One Bedroom unit, 10th floor, 720 sq ft, north facing with spectacular views of the 'HOLLYWOOD' sign and Griffith Observatory, $1925/month, for mid-July.***RENTED***

Artist's Reception...

Our Evan, will be having an opening reception of his recent photography from Cuba, at gallery169, this coming Saturday, June 24th, from 5- 8pm. The gallery is located in Santa Monica, near the beach, at 169 West Channel Road. For more info you can visit their website at gallery169.com .

This will be a good time to head down towards the beach and cool off from this heat wave we are going through right now, so spend the day down there & show your support for Evan in the evening!

Friday, June 16, 2017

The Start of...

... Summer Fun in Ktown! Tonight begins the KTOWN Night Market, across the street from the Gaylord. Go and join in on the fun with the food, entertainment & shopping. Tickets are $2 online at their website, ktownnightmarket.com or $5 at the door and for more info you can go to their facebook page. This festival packs them in, so get ready for 2 rousing nights! June 16th & 17th.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Maybe They Do, Maybe They Don't...


***RENTED***- One Bedroom unit, 8th floor, 820 sq ft, south/east corner, great closets, $1925/month.***RENTED***

Friday, June 9, 2017


Our Edgar, in collaboration with 'Things To Do In LA' will have an Art Show opening, tomorrow night, June 10th, at 7PM, in his shop World-8. Go and view the art of the many participating artists and show your support to Edgar. This is easy to get to folks, just a short way down Vermont Avenue. Have a good weekend!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Come and Get It...

Coming AVAILABLE for July 1st move-in date;

***APPLICATIONS IN***- One Bedroom unit, 8th floor, 820 sq ft, south/east corner unit, big & bright, great closet space, $1925/month.***APPLICATIONS IN***

***RENTED***- Single unit, 12th floor, 550 sq ft, east facing, views of the San Gabriel Mountains, $1400/month.***RENTED***

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Maybe Your Lucky Day...

This may be your time! 2 floors down from the top, near the center... AVAILABLE for an early June move-in date;

***RENTED*** - Bachelor unit, 12th floor, 380 sq ft, south facing, $975/month.***RENTED***

(photo, from 1952, courtesy of the USC Digital Library)

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Here we have the Gaylord facade (on right), one year after opening it's doors and our Wilshire Center district in it's infancy. Look at all of that open air! Historically, Wilshire Center and now more familiarly known as Koreatown.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

New Street Art Survey...

As we were out & about town, this past Sunday, pictured below are just some of the highlights of recent street art in L.A. that we encountered not far from our happy home here at the Gaylord.

Get out and see what you can come across. L.A. is full of street art.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Film Noir...

What a fantastic shot! The above image comes from the film noir flick, 'Black Angel,' from 1946. It really sets the tone and the Gaylord... beautiful!

The keen eye, of our Steve, found this image and sent me the screen shot. If you would like to see this film, it will be featured in the Palm Springs 'Film Noir Festival,' coming up in May. The film, with two of the best character actors of the time in it, Peter Lorre and Broderick Crawford, will play on Friday, May 12th, at 7:30pm, at the Camelot Theatres. For more info you can go to their website at camelottheatres.com.