Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Another Walker & Eisen Gem...

This past Saturday, the mister & I took a short drive over to the City of Industry to visit the Homestead Museum and to our surprise discovered another Walker & Eisen architectural gem, 'La Casa Nueva.' Walker & Eisen are the renowned architects who designed our Gaylord and many of L.A.'s iconic buildings from the 1920's. 'La Casa Nueva' was built sometime between 1919- 1923 or 1922- 1927 (there are differing statements on this construction at the property) and this is the second home sitting on the Homestead Museum property. 'La Casa Nueva' shows some of the same influences that were designed into the Fine Arts Building in downtown Los Angeles, which opened in 1927 and is another Walker & Eisen beauty.
If you get the chance, I highly recommend you pay a visit to the Homestead Museum in the City of Industry. Admission is free and they offer tours. You would never expect to find this out there. For more info, go to their website at, homesteadmuseum.org.

UPDATE, CORRECTION: Paul, the Museum Director of the Homestead Museum, has informed me that 'Walker & Eisen did the measured drawings in 1922 for La Casa Nueva based on rough sketches the Temples (the family that had the home built) did on butcher paper. In 1924, a new architect was hired, Roy Seldon Price,' to complete the project. However, the Temples did hire Walker & Eisen to design many of the commercial buildings they had built in downtown L.A. and surrounding towns.