Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gaylord Glimpses from August 1927...

Inside this issue, on page 1; an advertisement for 'Nealite', the lighting company that was in the process, at this time, of installing the neon signs on top of the Gaylord.
On page 5; notes on the renovations that had taken place on the #05 & #07 units to create one larger unit and the same on the #14 & #16 units. Also, the announcement of the new 'Gaylord' neon, our shining beacon.
On page 7; the arrival of Broadway actresses Marion Coakley and Georgette Cohan (daughter of composer, George M.Cohan) to the Gaylord. The two having prior spent time up at the Hearst Ranch at San Simeon... okay William Randolph, I hope you were a gentleman.
Also notice of our film actress, Constance Talmadge meeting up with her sister, film actress Norma (The Talmadge apartment building 2 blocks away) in Paris.
On page 9; a photo of our film actress, Dorothy Mackaill, arriving at the Gaylord. Dorothy was featured in 68 titles from 1920 all the way up to an appearance on the television series Hawaii Five-O in 1980. She starred with Douglas Fairbanks Jr in 'The Barker' from 1928, with Basil Rathbone in 1930's 'The Flirting Widow' and with Humphrey Bogart in 1932's 'Love Affair.'
On pages 16 & 17; a photo & story on the Gaylord's Linen Room, which is now working today as the wood shop & screen making room with the original table still in place being used as a work top, as pictured in the photo.
On page 22; an advertisement for the Gaylord Beauty Shoppe promoting the 'Eugene Wave' for your hair, ladies.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Only 1!...

-One Bedroom, 820 sq ft, 11th floor, south/east corner unit, $1600/mo.

-One Bedroom, 720 sq ft, 8th floor, north facing, $1560/mo.

That's All Folks!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gaylord Glimpses of August 1926...

In this issue of Gaylord Glimpses from August of 1926, on page 5; a great photo of resident, Gertrude Olmstead Leonard, glamorously dressed in all white. Gertrude married film director Robert Z. Leonard, the month before, while living at the Gaylord. He of 'The Great Ziegfeld' fame, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1936, as well as many other films you would recognize. Gertrude, had already established her own film career by the age of 17 in 1920, when she started starring in silent films. Her career spanned up to the end of the silent films to 1929 and was featured in 58 films. Playing opposite Rudolph Valentino in 'Cobra' from 1925, starred with Greta Garbo in "Torrent' from 1926 and had top billing over Joan Crawford in 'The Boob' also from 1926 (This is the year Gertrude lived at the Gaylord. Maybe Greta and Joan came by to visit her & Robert here for a game of bridge & some tea!).
On page 7; mention of Oscar Shaw arriving to the Gaylord, from New York, to begin his film career. Oscar went on to star opposite Norma Shearer in 'Upstage' for this year. And in 1929, was featured in the hilarious "The Cocoanuts' with the Marx Brothers!
On page 8; an article on the opening of the new (still standing and a must visit!) Central Library in downtown L.A.
On page 10; photo of the formidable looking Mrs. R. L. Garlichs, having just become a member of the Gaylord's Two-Year Club (she does not rival our today's sweet Elizabeth in the least bit, who has now been with us for 35 YEARS! Thank you, Elizabeth. For your kind words & good tidings always.).
On page 16; a church directory for the city of Los Angeles. Listed is the nearby St. Basil Catholic Church on Wilshire at Harvard. I wonder what the original St. Basil's looked like. I am sure nothing like the stark, post-apocalyptic, beautiful structure that stands there today (if you have not, you should check out the interior sometime.).