Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Grand unit coming SOON...

Coming mid-October, on the 4th floor, a GRAND One Bedroom unit at 1050 sq ft, with north, south & west exposures, original details. All for $1600/mo!

(photo from Band of Outsiders, with James Marsden and shot by Scott Sternberg in the Gaylord.)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Farmers Market...

This past Sunday afternoon, I was strolling through the colorful, original Farmers Market at Fairfax & 3rd with my fiance, while he took photos of chicken feet, ice cream & doughnut stands and all sorts of produce and nostalgia, I came across a shop I had not noticed before. Monsieur Marcel is a gourmet market that was a real delight to find. With a great wine selection, wonderful smells from spices and foods prepared on site and a incredible selection of whatever it is you need for cooking a delicious meal at home. I did not buy anything on this day because my senses were overwhelmed, but I keep thinking about the $12 bag of Italian rigatoni pasta that I had seen and am anxious to take home to cook and try. A lot of the items are packaged so beautifully, I would think one would come out having bought items just for their artful presentation and not necessarily to cook with. They would look grand just sitting in your kitchen.

No matter how many times you may have been through the Farmers Market, it always seems there is something new to find and so convenient to get to. Make a trip!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Loving Couple to Leave Gaylord...

Mike and Natilee will be moving on to new adventures October 1st, so... Gaylord residents, come and enjoy their company one last time before the impending departure. On Sunday, Sept 25th, starting at about 5pm, Mike & Natilee will be poolside, bbq-ing. Bring your food & drink items and join in on the grill. Natilee will be moving on to pursue her exciting Getty Fellowship. Congrats Natilee! and happy tidings to you & Mike with your new home.

'The Buzzer' from Sept 1925...

Originally known as 'The Buzzer', the Gaylord's first monthly publication was later reincarnated, in January 1926, to 'Gaylord Glimpses.'

On the cover and mentioned on page 5; The arrival of author Peter B. Kyne, who was credited with work on over 100 film titles.

On page 4; Amusing 'Pretty Ladies' residing at the Gaylord with their 'pretty' pics.

Back cover; Colorful writing in an ad promoting the virtues of the Gaylord. The ad starts, 'A background of pleasant things...' and ends with 'Perhaps you, who may have been seeking in vain such an atmosphere, will finally find it here at the Gaylord.'

Friday, September 16, 2011

Gaylord Glimpses from Sept 1926!

Oh, there is a good bit in this issue, but before we get to that we will go in order. On page 6; a photo of Gaylord resident, Mrs. Peter Janss, wife of the well-to-do, Dr. Peter Janss. Dr. Janss had the forethought to invest in real estate for development, helping to create many southern California communities that exist today. Not only did he start the Westwood tract, as mentioned on this page, but in 1919, had purchased 10,000 acres of farmland in Ventura County, which became Thousand Oaks.

Now to the good bit! On page 7; mention of Gaylord resident & film actress, May Allison (photo on page 9), who starred in 59 titles between 1915-27. Two of those titles were 'Mismates' in 1926 and 'The Telephone Girl' from 1927, both with Warner Baxter. May was also the wife of Photoplay magazine editor, James Quirk. May hosted, in the Fountain Room, a breakfast and luncheon (did the word 'brunch' not exist yet?!) for her guests, who included 7 other formidable film actresses of the time (the Gaylord was bustling with many film actresses at this time. Not many male actors though. But we did have our share of Directors, Producers and Writers. Maybe that is why the ladies hung out here!). They were: 1) Gilda Gray, featured in 10 films between 1919-36. Gilda starred with the rare Chinese-American actress, Anna May Wong in 'The Devil Dancer' from 1927 and 'Piccadilly' from 1929 and with William Powell and Warner Baxter in 'Aloma of the South Seas' from 1926. 2) Blanche Sweet was in over 160 titles between 1909-60. She starred with Warner Baxter in 'Those Who Dance' from 1924 (most of these ladies starred with Warner Baxter, Adolphe Menjou or William Powell. Was something going on there between all of them?). During this time, she was also in the amusing titles, 'Bluebeard's Seven Wives' & 'The Lady From Hell.' 3) Marion Davies (yes, that Marion Davies!), paramour of William Randolph Hearst. Marion was featured in 48 titles between 1917-37, with such notables as Clark Gable, Gary Cooper and Bing Crosby. 4) Bessie Love, who was in 142 titles between 1915-83, worked well into her golden years. Early on, she starred with Adolphe Menjou & Greta Nissen (another of our beautiful tenants) in 'The King of Main Street' from 1925. In her later years, she was featured in the racy 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' from 1971 and in the Oscar nominated 'Reds' from 1981. 5) Julanne Johnston, was in 43 films from 1917-34. She was also in "Aloma of the South Seas', with Gilda. And starred with Hedda Hopper in 'Pleasures of the Rich' from 1926. 6) Louella Parsons, who had a short film career, but later became 'the force to be reckoned with', Hollywood gossip columnist. And last, but not least, 7) Frances Howard, otherwise known as Mrs. Samuel Goldwyn. Frances was only in 4 films, but starred with William Powell in 'Too Many Kisses' and with Adolphe Menjou in 'The Swan', both from 1925.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Creature of habit...

... is what I seem to be, as are most of us. Therefore no blogs recently on places to explore or eateries to try. But, with my fiance coming into town on weekends now, I have been taking him to the places I have not been to in years and reminding myself of what is out there for us city dwellers of Los Angeles.

To start, my LACMA membership has not received much attention this past year, so we went there this past Saturday and viewed a definite, thought provoking exhibit by artist, Edward Kienholz. The piece, from 1969-1972, titled 'Five Car Stud', is a genuine narrative on our history here in the U.S. The depiction comes frighteningly to life, just be sure to go in with a strong stomach. We also tried to visit the Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA, but the crowd was still TOO LARGE to be able to enjoy and study the exhibit. I may just have to pass that one up entirely. I am one who likes to sit with the art and absorb it, if I am feeling any connection, and will get completely frustrated if a crowd is pushing me along to the next piece and to the exit.

This past Sunday, we spent the afternoon down in the marina enjoying the sun, watching the boats go in and out, observing a good citizen look over an ill pelican until professional help arrived for the rescue and took in the tides of the ocean. Great place to relax. Dinner that evening was at Ginger Grass. Good Vietnamese food and reasonably priced, located on Glendale Blvd near the intersection of SilverLake Blvd (opposite the new, neighborhood public library).

Over Memorial Day weekend, we strolled the quaint community in the canals of Venice, appreciating the beautiful homes, cottages and families of ducks. And yes, I did say 'fiance' above. I recently put an engagement band on my guy. That Sunday night, the event went down at Dusty's in SilverLake (I know... how typical & boring... a proposal in a restaurant. So not what I was wanting to do, but having carried the ring in my pants pocket all day I could wait no longer and the right opportunity/moment came about.). Looks like a Spring wedding in New York (where it is legal!) for your Property Manager.

By the way, Dusty's has a new chef as of a month ago and is even better than before.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

'Glimpses' from Sept 1927...

With this issue, read the blurb in the story on page 11; about our old neighbor, the Brown Derby and other local novelty eateries from the time (photos on the following pages).
On page 14; photo of the lovely Broadway actress, Georgette Cohan, whom we made mention of in last months 'Glimpses.'
On page 15; mention of the return of resident Mrs. Ralphs, the wife of the founder of Ralphs grocery store chain.
On pages 16 & 17; a story regarding when the Gaylord turned #05 & #07 units and #14 & #16 units into combined larger units, with double door beds AND each of the #14 & #16 combos being furnished with baby grand pianos!!! The color schemes for these apartments all sounded quite beautiful.