Friday, July 26, 2013

A Single Available Now...

Hear hear, an applicant did not come through... AVAILABLE FOR NOW;

***RENTED***-Single, 14th floor (the top!), east facing, 550 sq ft, $1200/mo.***RENTED***

Put your mark on it!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Ceiling That Is...

No, the world has not gone upside down. You are looking UP at the original ceiling located in front of the passenger elevators! This hidden gem still exists behind the current dropped ceiling. In the past I had posted about the original ceiling, but recently Axell was able to shoot some better photos for us while working on a plumbing issue. One day I will get this treasure revealed for all to appreciate!

Monday, July 22, 2013

One Bedroom...


***RENTED***-One Bedroom, 4th floor, 1050 sq ft, north, south & west exposures, $1630/mo.***RENTED***

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Happening Tomorrow & Saturday...

Come on out and show your support & lava for Gaylord resident, Martha and her works from the heart!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Listen up! A tenant moved out 2 1/2 weeks before their 30 day notice was officially up. ***RENTED***We have a Single unit AVAILABLE NOW for move-in. The unit is on the top floor (14th), east facing at 550 sq ft and will rent for $1200/mo.***RENTED***

And for Mid-September:

***RENTED***-Single, 4th floor, east facing, 550 sq ft, $1085/mo.***RENTED***
***RENTED***-Single, 4th floor, west facing, 670 sq ft, $1150/mo.***RENTED***
***RENTED***-Single, 12th floor, east facing, 550 sq ft, $1200/mo.***RENTED***
***RENTED***-Single, 12th floor, west facing, 670 sq ft, $1350/mo.***RENTED***

In Need of Local Pizza...

Tenants, if you are looking for an alternative to the drab, rubber pizzas offered by the chain restaurants, look no further than down 2 1/2 blocks from the Gaylord, at KONY (3281 Wilshire Blvd, between Berendo & New Hampshire). Great tasting pizza and just as reasonably priced. Support your local pizza maker!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

We Have...

Coming AVAILABLE for a mid-August move-in:

***RENTED***-Bachelor, 12th floor, south facing, 380 sq ft, $825/mo.***RENTED***

***RENTED***-Single, 11th floor, north facing, 410 sq ft, $1150/mo.***RENTED***

@ the Pajama Pool Party...

Our resident comedian entrepreneur, Carl, hosted the Pajama Pool Party, on June 29th. There was a good turn out and I was fortunate enough to catch The Bloodhounds play their last set... washboard and all! Pictured above are The Bloodhounds playing during their set and Carl (fresh from the pool) thanking them for their contribution to the show.

Friday, July 5, 2013

A Few More From CICLAVIA...

Sharing just a few more pics from last months' CICLAVIA event, with the Gaylord in the background.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

SoCal Weekend Travels...

I bet you would have been lined up at this lemonade stand for a cool, refreshing beverage, over this past weekend and last few days, with this heat & humidity we have been having lately. Kind of puts the neighborhood kids' lemonade stand to shame.

To try and escape the heat this past weekend, the husband & I hit the beach cities on Saturday. Starting in Long Beach and then heading down PCH to Huntington Beach, where the beaches were packed and ending up in Laguna Beach, walking around the downtown area there, checking out the galleries & shops. We then turned a bit inland, for an early dinner in San Juan Capistrano at El Adobe restaurant. An old haunt of mine from my 7 years of horse show days. El Adobe is around the corner from the mission there in San Juan Capistrano and the structure originates from 1787. El Adobe was a favorite of Richard & Pat Nixon, who coincidentally kept an apartment here at the Gaylord in 1962, when he ran for governor of California.

The lemonade stand pictured, is on the horse grounds at 'The Oaks' in San Juan Capistrano where I have many fond memories. 'The Oaks' originally belonged to one of California's major families, owned by Joan Irvine and sold just a few years back. The grounds still holds horse events, such as amateur & professional hunters, jumpers & equitation and dressage competitions. You should check it out sometime, beautiful setting.

After we left 'The Oaks', we headed home to the Gaylord which took only and exactly one hour on this evening. Just in time to catch 'The Bloodhounds' last set at the Pajama Pool Party. Loved that banjo & washboard instrumentation!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before...

Two Bachelors walk into a bar...

Listen up folks, there are 2 Bachelor units coming AVAILABLE for a mid-August move-in. These are true Bachelors, no kitchen, but we do provide a small refrigerator. Just come with your hot plate and microwave oven.

***RENTED***-Bachelor, 12th floor, south facing, 380 sq ft, concrete floors, $825/mo.***RENTED***

***RENTED***-Bachelor, 11th floor, north/east corner, 495 sq ft, carpet, $1025.00/mo.***RENTED***