Friday, January 28, 2011

Notes of intrigue for January 1926...

In the preceding Gaylord Glimpses of January 1926 there were some notable particulars listed...

Page 7, the photo & announcement of engagement for Gaylord resident, Elaine Hammerstein of the famous Oscar Hammerstein family. Elaine starred in over 40 films and appeared with Boris Karloff in 'Parisian Nights' in 1925. Her film career spanned the silents from 1915-1926. Tragically, Elaine & her husband were killed in a auto accident in 1948, near Tijuana. She was 50 years of age.
Page 8 & 9, interior photos of how the Gaylord originally looked. Notice the architectural features around the elevators. You will also notice the original mailbox that still hangs proudly today.
Page 10, mention of Charlotte Greenwood taking leave of the Gaylord, after her run at the Orpheum Theater. Charlotte had a long film career from 1915-1961, starring in 34 films. She starred with Don Ameche, Betty Grable & Carmen Miranda in 'Down Argentine Way' in 1948 and was also featured in 'Oklahoma' in 1955.
Page 10, photo & story on Peter Bernard Kyne, Gaylord resident & writer (over 100 titles). He was finishing the novel 'The Understanding Heart' while living here, which in 1927 was made into a film of the same name, starring Joan Crawford.
Page 12, entertainment that took place in the Gaylord that sounds very similar to the events we have going on today in sort of a variety show.
Page 18, the mention of a floodlight being installed at the corner of Kenmore to light the way for pedestrians. Seems they were having problems with vehicles speeding by back in the day also!

For January 2011, another issue of...

...Gaylord Glimpses. This issue from January 1926.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

more info on upcoming art show...

Saturday, Feb. 12th, from 4-8pm, an Art Show in the lobby, with Gaylord artists Ezra, Martha, Randy & Remi. Jewelry, paintings, music & knits! Following at 8:30pm, another Evening of Comedy, with Carl & his comic cohorts! It will be a full day... come by to enjoy!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Notes on January 1927...

The complete Gaylord Glimpses, from January 1927, is pictured in the preceding blog post. Click on any one of the pages to enlarge the image and focus in on the content. Some notes of interest I came across...

Page 6, actress Greta Nissen (32 films)having left the Gaylord for a 6 week engagement with the Follies in New York City.
Page 9, a travel story to Lake Arrowhead (and having just read the Feb 2011 issue of 'Sunset' magazine, I will have to take that drive to explore a certain antique shop and enjoy the fresh mountain air).
Page 11, the marriage of film actress, Laura La Plante to film director, William Seiter, residents of the Gaylord. Laura appeared in nearly 90 films with such actors as cowboy star, Tom Mix in 1921 and John Wayne in 1931. William directed nearly 150 films & tv shows, winning a Director's Guild of America award in 1956.
Page 12, a story on our beautiful cast iron & glass screen in the lobby, which was lovingly restored by our Martha, last year.
Page 14, the very first Gaylord residents, Dr. & Mrs. H.S. Chapman. They moved in before the completion of the building and had to bring their belongings in through a front window.
Page 16, the hilarious photo of the forlorn looking proprietress of the official Gaylord flower shop, Kathleen Clifford.
and Page 18, winter resident, S.E. Florsheim, founder & owner of the Florsheim shoe kingdom, gentlemen.

The Gaylord Glimpses from January 1927...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lovely Arlette Marchall...

Miss Marchall was a French film actress who starred in over 40 films. She came to Hollywood in 1926 to work in the industry here. Arlette chose the Gaylord as her residence and while living here, was featured in the Academy Award winning Best Picture film for 1927, 'Wings,' which starred Clara Bow, Gary Cooper & Hedda Hopper. She teamed up again with Clara Bow for 'Hula' and starred in 'A Gentleman of Paris' with Adolphe Menjou, both filmed in 1927. She worked in several other films before returning to Paris in 1928 to continue her career in the French film industry up through the 1950's.

Back in the mid-late 1920's, the Gaylord seemed to be teeming with many film actresses in every hall and corner. Their spirit lives on within our walls today!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Last Sunday Evening's...

...Comedy Night has seemed to pick up some more momentum. There was a good turn out and beforehand, there were mentions in Variety, as well as the LA Times, in regards to this festive event taking place in the Gaylord lobby. It is our very own 'festivus for the rest of us!'

Monday, January 17, 2011

Japanese percussion...

Richard participates with the L.A. Matsuri Taiko, which is a Japanese taiko drum ensemble. They have been performing this choreographed, physical style of percussion around L.A. now for over 30 years. If you are intrigued or wish to hear them perform check out their website at You may just be swept up into the beats!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Art Show coming...

The next Art Exhibit in the Gaylord lobby is being planned for Saturday, Feb. 12th from 4-8pm. The artists are busy getting their works prepared for this show. The list of artists participating and their mediums will follow soon.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Single Available...

An east facing Single unit at 550 sq ft located on the 11th floor for $1150/mo.