Friday, August 27, 2010

Labor Day, Monday, Sept 6th

Residents, on Labor Day, the HMS Bounty will be offering hot dogs, hamburgers & fries very cheaply. So come on out and enjoy the day patio & poolside! More info to follow.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

it's been a while...

Currently, I am having the 'privilege' (as the Courts like to call it) of serving on a jury trial, scheduled over a 3 week period. So, I have not had the opportunity to fill you in on the latest and greatest. Today, we have a day off from listening to droning witness testimony.

For those of you who will also have the 'privilege' of this service in the future (at the LA County Superior Courts downtown), here are some tips on places you may want to hit on your 1.5 hour lunch breaks. With your juror badge, you will receive a 10% discount on your lunch at the Patina cafeteria inside the Walt Disney Concert Hall (just a block or 2 away, depending on which courthouse you are in). Nice, quiet place to sit indoors and they keep the seating area well refrigerated during hot days. Or, take your lunch up in back of the Walt Disney Concert Hall and sit under a shaded tree and enjoy the garden. While on your lunch, check out the gift shop in the Walt Disney Concert Hall. They have lots of music related and other fun gift items.

Also, within blocks is MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) and another cafeteria style cafe downstairs from the entrance. The gift shop at MOCA is chockful of interesting art books and great gift items. On the same block is the Water Court at California Plaza, where at lunch all of the good looking, young, downtown business folk will sit outside and eat. People watch to your heart's content. Continue a few more blocks and you will be at the Central Library and Biltmore Hotel. Both worth spending your time in.

Down the hill from the courthouse, in another direction, is the new LA Police Plaza with plenty of outdoor seating around the building and a touching memorial to those officers that have fallen during the line of duty. And, Little Tokyo just a block after that.

I will fill you in on more, during this most judicial time, as I discover more and ponder the merits of the case at hand, during my breaks.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Photo

On Sunday, August 1st, at Miss Mo's Tea Social Event, the ribbon was cut and the restored cast iron and glass screen with brass details was officially opened.
The honors of cutting the ribbon went to Martha C. Wilson who with her heart, sweat and perseverance saw this project through from beginning to end.
Come on by to view this beautiful, original detail from 1924!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Art Show a Success!

While being entertained by the smooth Sinatra standards of Luca and serenaded by the bagpipes of Patrick, the art show turned out to be a success. The 5 Gaylord artists (Jason, Joseph, KoKoRan, Hakim and Martha) that exhibited their work were able to share their talents with a good viewing and sell a few pieces while bringing together the residents, friends and invited guests in a lively social event.

This event also brought the introduction of the newest Gaylord member to all, Sydney! At 3 weeks old she is a beautiful addition to the Lane & Jason family. Sydney looked right at home and took it all in from the arms of her proud parents. Welcome Sydney!

By 10:00 pm, the evening came to an end with groups moving upstairs for assorted after parties. Thank you to all who participated and attended. Look for more upcoming events soon.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Make Your Weekend Plans With Some Art...

Don't forget this Sunday, August 15th (one day only!), from 2-8pm, in the Gaylord Lobby and the Garden Patio and Pool area there will be an Art Show of 5 talented Gaylord artists, with refreshments and entertainment! The artists, Jason Cruz (, Joseph Falasca, KoKoRan (, Hakim Wilson and Martha C. Wilson ( will be displaying a variety of creative mediums. Bring cash or a credit card to purchase the piece of art that moves you.

Entertainment will be provided by our very suave crooner, Luca Ellis ( from 2:30-4pm, singing Frank Sinatra standards. AND, at 6pm prepare yourself for our resident bagpiper, Patrick, to fill the Gaylord lobby with the sounds of some wonderful bagpipe tunes.

Catch it all this Sunday!

Friday, August 6, 2010

three-on-three tournament...

This weekend, at LA Live/Staples Center, Nike will be hosting a three-on-three basketball competition through Sunday. Free to the public with vendor booths. Clyde, our new Sunday morning to early afternoon Front Desk attendant will be participating in this event. If you get the chance, stop on by there and throw him some support!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

after tea social...

Towards the end of the tea social this past Sunday, lovely Ritu and Kiran brought out their hookah to the garden patio where a flavorful smoke was experienced and enjoyed by all. We hope we can convince Ritu and Kiran to extend their stay here at the Gaylord in order to be surrounded by their gracious energy and pleasant company a bit longer.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A moment occurred...

This past Sunday at the Tea Social, hosted by Miss Mo in the lobby, the Gaylord spirits were happily awakened and special moments happened that brought everyone together.

First, there was the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the completed cast iron and glass screen restoration at the lobby entrance. The honor of cutting the beautiful red ribbon went to our devoted Martha who poured her heart into this project and revealed the majesty of what lie underneath years of paint. Again, we all thank you Martha!

Luca, our resident Big Band crooner (catch him performing around town,, gave a rousing performance of Frank Sinatra standards and had quite a few participants near tears with his rendition of 'My Way' (which I think should now definitely become the Gaylord's theme song. We are like no other!).

Delightful Sam (who knew!?!), performed lovely, endearing renditions of two Billie Holiday standards. 'Summertime', was like WOW! Thank you, Sam.

Then it was time for Miss Mo (catch her performing around town also! to sing a few selections from her new cd, 'The Flutterbies featuring Maureen Davis.' Simply sumptuous and easy to let wash over you. A wonderful set.

Furniture was moved and rugs rolled up and the swing dancing ensued!

Later, Patrick came down with his bagpipes (in kilt!) and played a couple of classics. THE moment came when he began to play 'Amazing Grace' and at random everyone started to sing along. Goosebumps and a tear in the eye of many was clearly visible. Catch it on youtube at

And let us also thank the sweet couple, Kiran and Ritu (recent move-ins as of last week), for bringing out their hookah pipe to the garden patio for a relaxing flavorful smoke to be shared by all.

It is moments like this that make the Gaylord truly special. A place where creativity and camaraderie find a soul to make home.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Another new arrival!

Congratulations to new parents Tracy and Michelle for the baby girl that arrived this morning! Tracy and Michelle lived in the Gaylord for quite a few years and moved out this past Spring. We wish them all the best for their growing family.