Thursday, March 22, 2018

Hello Mr. Mayor...

When U.S.Congressman Norris Poulson was elected mayor of Los Angeles in 1953, the L.A. Times reported on June 13, 1953, "The Poulson party flew in from Washington yesterday morning and took up temporary residence in the Gaylord Apartments on Wilshire Blvd. Mrs. Poulson said, however, that they plan to acquire a "modest home of our own in the near future."
Poulson was a congressman from 1943- 1945 and again from 1947 through 1953. While mayor, from 1953- 1961, Poulson was responsible for bringing our beloved Dodgers from Brooklyn to the City of Angels.
(photograph taken by Ralph Crane, in 1959 and courtesy of gettyimages, 'The Life Picture Collection")