Thursday, May 31, 2018


For those tenants residing on the south facing side of the Gaylord, in today's urbanize.LA report, the wood structure being constructed atop the parking garage across the street from us (pictured above right) will top off at 4 floors for a total of 7 stories. Unfortunately, for those living on the lower floors of the Gaylord this structure now obstructs our historic views of the "Prince" neon sign atop the Windsor apartments building. No completion date was given for this project or the attached office building being converted into apartments.

When the Gaylord is aware of any planned construction that would obstruct our tenant's historic views we will fight the City of Los Angeles Planning Commission on such structures. We've been here for more than 94 years and should be shown some respect. Sadly, this project got past us.

But for the new apartment building still being constructed on the lot north of the Evanston we were able to have the number of floors lowered and made sure the structure increased the number of parking spaces within the structure for its' tenants, so as not to take away much needed street parking from the neighborhood (originally the plans were for a much taller structure with less parking).

If any of you ever become aware of plans for new construction surrounding the Gaylord, let us know.