Wednesday, February 28, 2018

67 Years Ago Today...

... at the Gaylord. Let's end the month on a sorta fun & tragic note. Rudolph W Mayer, brother of Louis B Mayer (yes, that prominent mogul of MGM Studios fame) died in his apartment at the Gaylord on Feb 28, 1951. Apparently, Rudolph was smoking in his bed and tragedy ensued. In my research, Rudolph was a colorful & shady character who found himself in a jam a number of times and Louis would have to rescue and get him out of trouble. 

The image above is 'as found' online. If anyone out there has anymore facts relating to this story, please pass them on to us... like an apartment #, so we can thoroughly cleanse the unit of lingering spirits with sage.

AND, an important reminder to our current Gaylord tenants... DO NOT SMOKE IN BED!